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Mycelium: Interdependence in the Undergrowth


Commissioned by Harbourfront Centre 2022, Part of CoMotion: Deaf and Disability Arts Festival.

Crezon board, live edge white pine, ceramic tile, Byzantine smalti, vitreous glass, 24k gold leaf smalti, Weldbond adhesive, sanded Grout, Millefiori, glass marbles

16-foot long multi-component mosaic mural

Pink mushroom mosaic
close-up shot of millefiori glass on live edge wood
Snake mosaic on live edge wood
wide shot captures all elements of a long mosaic mural

Image Description: four images of Mycelium mosaic mural, some close up shots and some wide shots. Mural features large yellow and pink oyster mushrooms, and two big snakes on carefully finished live edge wood.

Photos by Veronica Ing

All That We Hold


permanent installation, commissioned by the North York Women's Shelter

glass, ceramic, grout & Weldbond on Crezon board

3 feet x 2.5 feet

"All That We Hold" mosaic

Image Description: Wide oval shaped mosaic featuring an outstretch hand, palm up, in browns, pinks and oranges. Behind it is a big round yellow sun and large blue and white ocean waves. In the bottom right corner is a smaller circle, resembling a full moon. 

Photo by Wy Joung Kou

The Tiger


funded and supported by the JRG Society for the Arts

glass, ceramic, stone, grout & Weldbond adhesive on plywood

2 feet x 4 feet

"The Tiger" mosaic

Image Description: Tall rectangular mosaic featuring a large orange tiger, roaring and emerging out from the grasses, trees and rocks. Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Photo by Wy Joung Kou

Light, and Light, and Light, Glistening and Alive


funded by the Ontario Arts Council

glass, ceramic, grout & Weldbond adhesive on plywood

2 feet x 2 feet

2 feet x 1 foot

2 feet x 2 feet

Image Description: Series of three mosaics artistically depicting a nude body from different angles. Mosaics feature colourful brushstroke-like lines throughout, defining the contours, grooves, and curves of the body.

Photos by Yann Garcia

Hard Water / Soft Water


created at the Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency

with material budget sponsorship from Red Dress Productions

glass, ceramic, grout & Weldbond on plywood

series of 6: 8 inches x 8 inches each

Image Description: Six square mosaics depicting various water scenes. Three of them show large curling ocean waves, and three of them show more abstract interpretations of calmer lake waters. Colour scheme consists of blues, greens, white and black, with touches of warmer colours throughout.

Photos by Wy Joung Kou

Street Health "Growth" Community Mosaic Project


project supported by Red Dress Productions (RDP) and the Ontario Arts Council

mural design and artistic lead: Wy Joung Kou

artist interns: Aaron Bowerman, Dan Buckley, Tomas Cavalheiro-Chin

RDP artistic co-directors: Anna Camilleri and Tristan R. Whiston

permanent public outdoor installation at Street Health, 338 Dundas Street East, Toronto

porcelain, glass, stone, grout & Weldbond on MDO sheet

16 feet x 3 feet

This project emerged following RDP's first community-engaged mosaic project and installation at Street Health earlier in 2018. Using art-based research findings from the first project, the Growth mural was designed using themes and imagery suggestions put forth by Street Health community members. The mural was constructed over an 8-week period with community members in open studio drop-in sessions as well as in closed artistic mentorship sessions with artist interns. Kou embarked on this project under Tristan and Anna's mentorship to undertake and complete their first outdoor large-scale mosaic design and community-engaged project in an artistic lead position.

Street Health Growth Mosaic wide shot
Growth mosaic detail
Growth mosaic detail

Image Description: One full wide shot of the entire mosaic, and two close-up detail shots. The mosaic is a long, irregular shaped strip resembling rolling hills. A circle sits atop each hill. From left to right, 8 circles grow in size and show evolving scenes of sprouts blossoming into flowers against a blue sky. The "rolling hills" strip is made up of colourful layers resembling grass, soil, clay, an underground blue river, and finally bedrock at the bottom.

Photos by Zoe Gemelli

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