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Unscripted: KINSHIP


KINSHIP is a three-part podcast series exploring themes of interdependence, care and kinship in the arts. Each episode, hosted by Angela Sun, welcomes a different artistic collective to engage in conversation about how they are reimagining artistic collaboration in ways that embrace these themes as well as how relationships and radical reciprocity have been integral to the development of their collective’s unique creative processes.

June 16 - Episode 1: The Countdown Public Art Project

June 23 - Episode 2: The Switch Collective

June 30 - Episode 3: Bricks & Glitter

Access the audio-only versions of the episodes on Apple Podcasts and/or the Open Captioned audio-visual versions on Youtube by clicking the buttons below.

Promotional image for 2022 Unscripted: KINSHIP

Image description: promotional image for the release of Unscripted: KINSHIP. Image features three distinct and colourful drawings by Becky Gold. Drawings are inspired by the work and heart of each Unscripted: KINSHIP artist collective and the recorded conversations that took place.

Unscripted: KINSHIP is a ReDefine Arts production, co-curated by Becky Gold and Wy Joung Kou with digital producer Megan Wilk, and generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, & Toronto Arts Council.


Unscripted: Cultivating Languages of Access & Storytelling


This online panel series took place in April 2021, exploring ideas around accessibility, decolonization and various approaches to performance and storytelling. With a roster of artists approaching storytelling from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, the Unscripted series hoped to amplify conversations between artists who are engaging creatively with elements of sensory-based, linguistic and cultural accessibility:

Promo image for 2021 Unscriped panel series

Image description: promo image for Unscripted panel series. Image features a golden semi circle with panel dates. Surrounding the semi circle are colourful outlines of leaves, set against a black background.

Sovereign Bodies, Sovereign Stages

What emerges at the intersection of ceremony and artistic creation; of movement and storytelling; of spirituality and physicality on stage? | Aria Evans, Yolanda Bonnell & Merlin Simard (moderator)

(Re)building Sensory Worlds

Where does world (re)building fit into the world of theatre and performance? How can our understanding of a narrative change or expand when it is told via multisensory means of storytelling and immersive design? | Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis, Victoria Mata & Anna Camilleri (moderator)

Intersectional Stories

A panel of Deaf individuals discuss the impact of language colonization on everyday life. | Jenelle Rouse, Amelia Palmer, Dominique Ireland & Natasha “Courage” Bacchus (moderator & curator)

Unscripted: Cultivating Languages of Access & Storytelling was co-produced by ReDefine Arts & Theatre Passe Muraille, co-curated by Becky Gold and Wy Joung Kou with panel coordination by Rinchen Dolma, and generously supported by TD Bank Group, Ontario Arts Council, & Toronto Arts Council.

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