CRIP INTERIORS is an annual (2015-2017) multi-disciplinary group exhibition that emerged from a disability-arts incubator project via Creative Users Projects in 2015. CRIP INTERIORS brings together disability-identified artists to consider how we understand accessibility and interior space through the process of dissecting what it means to be a “user” in the environments we inhabit. Having taken part in the initial incubator project, Kou was part of the artist cohort that dreamed up the first CRIP INTERIORS. They were an exhibiting artist in the first edition (2015), a visiting alum artist and workshop facilitator for the second edition (Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche 2015), and an exhibiting artist in the third edition (MIXER 2017).



nails, embroidery thread, plywood & textile

2 feet x 8 feet

120/7 is a segment from an installation/structure created in collaboration with MIXER artists. It is one wall of the structure, each side materializing two distinct memories. The two converge to display a conflicted and polarized relationship to Traditional Chinese Medicine.120/7, now existing separately from the structure on which it was initially a part of, lives on display at Six Degrees. On a journey to heal and remediate a fraught relationship with acupuncture, it asks us all to know and remember what safety in healing can feel like.

120/7 Embroidery
120/7 Detail
120/7 Detail 2
120/7 Alternate Side

Image description: four photos from different angles of artwork on a standalone wall (piece of plywood) which has been painted white with a small square cut-out "window" in the centre. A piece of muslin with a Chinese tea pot embroidered in red thread fills the "window" space. The front facing side is visible on the "empty" side of the wall which has a small handful of nails in the wall, connected together via a red thread. The back facing side (messy back of the embroidery) is visible on the side of the wall filled with over a hundred nails, red thread weaving in and out around all of them to form an intricate red web.

Left photos by Creative Users Projects

Right photos by Wy Joung Kou

W(h)i(t)ch Intentions, Which Intentions


Artists: Anique Jordan, Kanika Gupta, Wy Joung Kou

tactile, audio, visual, & interactive experimental installation

plywood, paint, textile, clay, wind & pillows

8 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet

Transcript from audio clip:

Three artists, Anique Jordan, Wy Joung Kou and Kanika Gupta, alternate speaking the following lines. Some lines are spoken by only one artist and some are spoken by 2 or 3 of the artists at once. The track is playing on loop.


Crevice. Sweat. Taste. Streaming from rocks. Eucalyptus. Relief. From joints. Stained turmeric. On my teeth. On her teeth. Teeth. Tried, tested and true. Ancestral wisdom. End of sentence. Period. Hearts. Born GMO. Rough. Clay drying under fingernails. Our insides – our insides - our insides. Uneven. Concrete slabs. Concrete box filled with dreams – dreams – dreams - dreams. Hopes and wishes. Nightmares and realities. Concrete daisies – concrete dahlias – concrete daffodils – concrete roses. Concrete. Soft. And full of life. Hanging. Hung. Dangles. Growing mushrooms. Ew… Labia – labia – labia – labia. Between our toes. In your face. Smoke. Drunk on honey. Feeds my soul. Carve out space with a knife, with a spoon. Little balls of teeth swinging. From strands of silver hair. Brush it. Pause. Period. Witch intentions. Which intentions.


Image description: four images taken from the interior of the installation - inside a plywood constructed structure, blue lights give the interior a blue hue while bright exterior light is visible from a couple yellow felt-lined holes in the wall, ranging from the size of an apple to a cantaloupe. White hand-sculpted clay objects hang from fishing wire affixed to the ceiling. Visible object in these photos include hearts, a vulva, some mushrooms, and unidentifiable little blob-like objects. One object that looks like a joint is visible if you look very closely. One photo was taken during the building process, before any objects were hung. Kou's feet and a pillow are seen in this photo as they presumably take a little rest inside the box.

Top left photo by Creative Users Projects

All other photos by Wy Joung Kou

Rope Burn


visual/tactile installation

plywood, paint, textile & rope

4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet

Using pillows and rope bondage aesthetics, this piece marks the beginning of Kou's work involving kink, chronic illness, and tactile art, elements that continue to evolve and influence their artistic practice in a multitude of ways. Rope Burn was inspired by a narrative that many chronically ill people know intimately - confinement to bed. Playing with the idea of bondage as pleasure in the context of kink, this work also invites the bed to be a place of solace and joy, alongside despair and isolation.

Rope Burn Detail
Rope Burn
Rope Burn Detail 2

Image description: this installation lives inside a box/structure (8 feet high by 4 feet deep and 4 feet wide), made of plywood and painted black on the inside. The bottom of the interior is lined with tea lights. From the ceiling hang three black paisley fabric pillows, ornamentally tied and suspended via bright red cotton rope. The rope forms a web of knots, twists and criss-crossing above them. One of the photos shows the entire installation and the two other photos show close-ups of pillow and rope details.

Photos by Creative Users Projects