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Gallery description: this photo gallery features 30 process photos for various projects and some finished works not featured elsewhere on this website. Disciplines include mosaic, cut-out stencil printing, mixed media, embroidery, sketches, taiko performance photos, and more. Find more on Kou's instagram where all photos from February 1st 2019 and onwards include image descriptions.

Knifeplay Mosaic
Odaiko Portrait by Jing Kao-Beserve
Mosaic Materials
SICK Linocut print
Oil Pastel Process Sketch
ENOUGH Linocut print
Clay Vertebrae
Tigressbalm Zine
Couching Stitch
Home Practice Tools
Gibraltar Point Beach Finds
Bell Manor Park Pebble Mosaic
Hard Water Close-up
Pedestrian Sunday with RAW
Knifeplay Process Shot
Handcut Stencils
Street Health Mosaic Grouting
Offering Hands Mosaic
East Coast Taiko Conference Performance
All That We Hold Sketch
Hands Series Process Shot
Wetsaw Work Process Shot
Behind the Scene RAW Concert
Tiger Process Shot
Tiger Large Sketch Set-up
Fabric Printing
LLLGA Mosaic in the Sun
Painted Fan
All That We Hold Close-up Shot